Thursday, September 22, 2016

7th Sea Second Edition - My Opinions

So, despite my attempts to remain neutral, it is clear that the new edition of my favorite game has been a disappointment to me. It is true. And today, I shall go into some of the reasons why. Fair warning, this is not intended to be an unbiased review. Much of what follows is one hundred percent about my own tastes, preferences, prejudices, and, yes, biases.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

7th Sea Second Edition - The Session

As mentioned, I ran a session of 7th Sea for Charm City Gameday. As part of the review of the game, I wanted to do a post-mortem. Also, because it's been a while since I ran a con game.

Short version: It went really, surprisingly well. The group was engaged and attentive. The scenario I made up clicked. The system mostly worked as intended.

Monday, September 19, 2016

7th Sea Second Edition - A Review

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to run a 7th Sea session at Charm City Gameday. It was interesting, illuminating, and a lot of fun. Mostly, it required that I read pretty deeply into the system so that I was prepared. Now, of course, I have a lot of Thoughts(TM) that I want to share.

Rather than bludgeon you with a single epic post, I'm going to break it up into three. Today, I'm going to give a basic review of the game. I'm mostly going to stick to the facts, trying to give you enough information to make up your own mind. The next one is going to be a specific post-mortem on the intro session, noting some of the surprises that came up, and the things that worked and didn't work. Finally, I'm going to do a bit that explores my own personal reactions to the game, that likely won't be as fair and balanced as this review.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris, Beirut, and Priorities.

I have seen a number of posts recently lamenting the uneven coverage that has been given to Beirut and Paris this weekend. I feel compelled to discuss this and to offer up my thoughts. Mostly because I see a lot of people attributing this uneven coverage to some very unpleasant reasons that are not entirely justified. This is much more complex than "the media doesn't care about brown people".

So I'm going to break the usual pattern of this blog to post something political. I want this to be someplace more permanent than a Facebook status.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Yes, it's the obvious title. So sue me.

I was having a think in the shower this morning (as you do), and had a thought pop into my head. It was kind of a cool thought. It led to a couple other cool thoughts. They suggest a character for a story, but I'm not quite sure yet what the story would be. I'm also pretty sure I don't have the chops to write either character.

The subject: Time travel. But not as you know it.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Scraping By on the Belt

Sean Gugler treated me with: progress striking unscrewed heinous kilt free sunshine

For an RPG setting, there are some very simple words to work with here. Oddly, "free" is a tricky one, because it's overused in so many settings. The combination of "kilt" and "striking" suggested immigrant labo, probably in a colonial setting. But it was working on the odd inclusion of "unscrewed" that made things start to click.

And I really want to dive so deep into this setting.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Land of Tannir

Adam Tannir gave me the kind of mess of obscure words I was expecting out of this challenge: pelagic, ruffian, underwear, niveous, coffee, elk, riparian. Due to a bit of a snafu with his submission, I have the option of trading out riparian for green, but I love the word riparian.

Of all of those, underwear gave me the most trouble. Go figure.

After a couple days of apocalyptic visions, let us go now to the dawn of civilization. A gentler time, with gentler people. Until things change just a bit, of course.